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Welcome to Angels For Life

Angels For LifeDo you, a family member or a friend need an “angel caregiver” right in your own home? If so, then Angels for Life is your answer. We offer non-medical caregiving and senior care in the comfort of your own home — wherever home may be (home, hospice, assisted living, independent living, VA etc.) —everything from shopping to transportation, personal care to companionship, meal preparation to light housekeeping and everything in between. Our services are available to seniors who want to stay in their homes but just need a helping a hand, as well as for victims of accidents or illness who need short-term help while they recover.

Angels for Life caregivers are trained and state certified to give the highest in-home care service possible. We strive to anticipate every detail, every need, and plan and execute to perfection. Family and friends can feel comfortable knowing their loved ones are in the best of hands and experiencing a quality of life and level of independence they deserve.

We are unique in offering a wide range of non-medical services including:

  • Personal care – help with bathing, dressing and personal needs
  • Transportation – to doctor appointments, to the pharmacy and even shopping
  • Fun – with a doctor’s permission, seniors or injury victims don’t have to remain cooped up at home … we are thrilled to take our clients shopping, to the movies, to special events and more.
  • Light Housekeeping – we offer light housekeeping services, from laundry to cleanup, although we do refer our clients to a cleaning service for full-service cleaning.
  • Grocery Shopping – we will take your grocery list and go to the store for you.
  • Meal Preparation – as licensed food handlers, we are delighted to prepare fresh, healthy meals for our clients.
  • Companion Services – we love to just sit and chat, play games and watch movies with our clients who just want someone to spend time with them.
  • Pet Care – we will love, feed and clean up after your pets (although we draw the line at snakes) and we will provide references to local veterinarians should your pet need medical care.
  • Medical Referrals – we have developed a solid network of nurses, physicians and other services and we able to pass those names on to clients as needed.

Family and friends are your greatest asset, your biggest champions and your best allies. Will you trust their care to just anyone? Call today for a free evaluation of your in-home care needs – 602.882.8302.

Angels For Life

The Human Element of
In-Home Caregiving


We are serious about the confidentiality of our clients and the care they receive from us. If our clients don’t want their needs known by the neighbors, friends or the public, we have no problem showing up in street clothes and an unmarked vehicle. For example, one of our female clients likes to take our male caregivers to the bank —she gets all dressed up and introduces our caregiver as her boyfriend — with a wink of course!

We believe in helping our clients’ journey through life in comfort and with as much fun as possible. By way of example, one of our female patients loves to grocery shop. At home, she is a very mild mannered woman. But, at the grocery store — watch out as she takes CHARGE with her grocery cart!

We understand that when a senior loses a loved one, life can be extremely lonely and he or she may simply need a friend to visit. One lovely story is that of a beautiful, bedridden client. She insists on one specific male caregiver. They sit and talk and our caregiver reads to her and helps her see her garden. The down side is that her Doberman fights our caregiver for the guest bed! Guess who wins?

Above and Beyond
We love to go above and beyond to help our clients. One of our gentlemen clients is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. His son was getting married and he desperately wanted to attend the wedding, but found coping with all the details almost impossible. We dug out his Armani tuxedo and we had it fitted for the client. Then we drove him to the wedding and stayed with him throughout the service.