Post Hospital, Care Givers, Ambulatory, Non-Medical Care, Knee Replacement, and more

Personal Care, Hospice Support, Transportation, Specialty Care, and much more

Located in Scottsdale, we service the Valley of the Sun

Our non-medical services include:

  • Personal care – help with bathing, dressing and personal needs
  • Transportation – to doctor appointments, to the pharmacy and even shopping
  • Fun – with a doctor’s permission, seniors or injury victims don’t have to remain cooped up at home … we are thrilled to take our clients shopping, to the movies, to special events and more.
  • Light Housekeeping – we offer light housekeeping services, from laundry to cleanup, although we do refer our clients to a cleaning service for full-service cleaning.
  • Grocery Shopping – we will take your grocery list and go to the store for you.
  • Meal Preparation – as licensed food handlers, we are delighted to prepare fresh, healthy meals for our clients.
  • Companion Services – we love to just sit and chat, play games and watch movies with our clients who just want someone to spend time with them.
  • Pet Care – we will love, feed and clean up after your pets (although we draw the line at snakes) and we will provide references to local veterinarians should your pet need medical care.
  • Medical Referrals – we have developed a solid network of nurses, physicians and other services and we able to pass those names on to clients as needed.

Angels For Life

Angels For Life

Our Services

Angels for Life is able to help people in all stages of life with all kinds of health challenges. We offer personal care, comfort, companionship, transportation, shopping and more for…

  • Post-operative care
  • Ambulatory patients
  • Non-ambulatory clients
  • People recovering from knee replacements
  • People experiencing shoulder, ankle and joint Issues
  • Clients with Alzheimers, MS, Parkinsons, or who have experienced a stroke
  • Recovering accident and illness victims
  • People who my have other caregiver groups like hospice or an assisted living facility
  • Respite patients