Reacher Grabber Tools

Mobility is often a problem for seniors, victims of accidents or injury and for post-operative patients. Bending down to grab something that has fallen on the floor or that is located high on a shelf may be nearly impossible. Reacher grabber tools allow people to reach high or low places and are even extremely useful for someone in a wheelchair. Not only do reacher tools help prevent injury from bending or falling, but they also give a senior, injury or accident victim a sense of independence — they don’t have to call the caregiver every time they need something.

Reachers and grabbers are long poles (3 feet or so in length) with a claw on the end and a trigger grip. Depressing the trigger causes the claw to close on items like books, socks, shoes, medicine bottles and more. We’ve even seen one talented senior put her socks on using her grabber tool!

There are literally hundreds of brands and types of reachers and grabbers on the market — including models that fold up for convenient carrying. These items can be purchased online or at most pharmacies.

However, reacher tools may not provide all the help needed. When that happens, consider calling in professional in-home caregivers like us. Angels for Life offers a wide-range of non-medical, in-home care, including personal care, transportation, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, meal preparation, companion services, pet care, medical referrals and more. Our clients include seniors, post-operative patients, victims of accident and injury, respite patients and more.